The Hedonist Villa

Designed around Ben Uriel a famous pastry chef in Israel. Ben loves Koh Phangan, he likes comfort, modernity, to enjoy live and starts to dive into the Thai culture and this of course shows in the design and concept of the villa.

The style of the house is Pop, Sexy, Chic. It is on two floors with a total of 180sqm. It has a 16 meters long hammock suspended over the canopy. A small cinema. A round bed of 3 meters diameter. A small tree growing in the bedroom. A Thai boxing in the open to the nature bathroom. A genuine custom made giant genuine painting made by world famous speed painter Michael Raivard. The bedroom is perfectly sealed to the outside.

Sanghamitra Villa

Designed around Brendy a healer from Australia. Brendy is a true hippie, sensitive and close to nature he loves the east side of Phangan and its remote coves land of our special hippies of Phangan. The house is round to let the energies in and flow. It is made on two floors with a total of 220sqm. It is open to the nature in the living room. It has two sunbeds. A natural mineral water pool unique in Asia which filters the water with plants. An outside shower in the nature. An open bathroom with a bathroom garden. A secret passage. A fireman pole linking the two floors. A nest like bedroom perfectly sealed to the outside with a round bed of 2m80.