Our Location

Where Is It?

It is on Koh Phangan, Thailand a smaller island near Koh Samui.

Our place on the island of Koh Phangan unknown even by the nearby locals has no sign, nor road it is voluntarily hard to find hence our name …

More than just a name, a real concept.

Our place is only accessible by foot down a real nature trail in the jungle (5 minutes) or by private  boat if the weather allows.

Our place gated and protected is strictly reserved to our guests and cannot be visited.

It is located in a virgin jungle of about one hectare.

However it is close to everything, reachable in 20 minutes door to door from the international airport of Koh Samui, connected to a public paved road nearby you will find the island’s vast choice of  restaurants and nightlife between only 5 to 20 minutes away from SOWK’s location. 

Hidden certainly but not in any way remote. 

On site the privacy of our guests is protected by CCTV and a direct access to our three resort’s beaches surrounded by 6 additional secluded beaches.

More restaurants can be found on the beaches next to us and are reachable by foot along the beach in 5 to 15 minutes by foot.

To go around the island you will have the choice of all included rentals or privately driven cars or motorbikes with a private cellphone that is issued to our SOWK guests.

The island has 5 distinct vibes and areas it takes about one hour to go from one side to the other.