Koh Phangan

What is Koh Phangan ?

To a unique resort, there must have been a unique island to match it.

Koh Phangan (pronounced KO PAN GAN) is a rather special island in Asia which can be driven around in an hour and half.

It is composed at 80% by protected jungle and national park.

Koh Phangan is a unique mix in the world of beautiful beaches, nature and amazing nights so you can have peace but also fun nights.

The nights are really for all tastes and ages from live classical acoustic, to jazz, live drums sessions, deep house or trance music all in small groups and open air. This is of course far away from the Full Moon Party’s image and its big parties reserved to an extremely minor area of Koh Phangan (1%).

People who come to Koh Phangan know the true and beautiful Koh Phangan and its amazing people: both local foreigners and Thai people are here all driven here by a passion (art, protection of nature, music, …) and act in respect with each other’s which makes Koh Phangan a unique place in the world to keep to yourself and in order to meet and make life-long friends. Far from the mass tourism you will find here peace, respect and true confidentiality.