Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it a private club ?

To make sure we can give the best service to people who will appreciate and enjoy what we do. Our concept is unique, in the nature it might not be for everybody. It is not a normal hotel, our staff will invest in your stay at 5000% day and night at a level unheard of. Therefore all people have to be in, every Monday we vote, the owner Guillaume Brachet has only one voice and everybody from the maid to the gardener has one vote and decide to accept or not any new membership. The request of membership are without names therefore the fame or wealth of our customers has not impact.

How much is the membership ?

It is free and for life.

Which kind of people are more keen to be accepted ?

Open minded people, people who have interest in learning and discovering new things or simply like nature and want to relax in privacy.

Is it really Somewhere Only We Know nobody knows where it is ?

Only the people who are guest or staff know. Even the authorities sometimes or the locals have absolutely no idea where we are and this since 8 years…

What should I write on the motivation letter ?

Anything, we are not shy and it does not have your name on it. Maybe what you really hate first, what you would love, your best vacation memory, how you heard from us, if you know another member or got a membership card handed (referral SOWK procedure: if someone hands you their card you will not be a member but this member puts his or hers reputation on you).

What do I need to tell you to organize my stay each time ?

Anything, really anything, or nothing at all like most of our customers. We will investigate and find all the public information we can find and so the surprise will even be bigger. This our “carte blanche” which is the choice of 95% of our members : we surprise them.

Will you contact only the people I gave you the contact of ?

Absolutely and only the way you told us to and only once. We just want to know more about you and like all we do all is subject to our NDA or yours. We are bound by our professional secret.

Will you protect my total privacy ?

It is important for us in this world, this is one of the most important thing for us. We hate the unauthorized propagation of information. All CCTV cameras are erased every week, the staff is not allowed to use their phone on camera mode. All the staff are bound by NDA. We are open to your NDA without any problem. Very few pass by on our beach and our top houses cannot be seen from the beach. If you wish we can use a different name as well without any problem.

Will there be other people at the resort during my stay ?

No. 🙂

How do you get there ?

You can come to us very easily by plane through Bangkok, Singapore or Hong Kong onwards to the international airport of Koh Samui. In these connecting airports you will be assisted by our included fast-track and VIP service.

Once your plane lands on the nearby island of Koh Samui, your journey will only take 30 minutes door to door to your Villa by private car and speed boat directly onto our beach.

We are focused on making your transfers as fast and smooth as possible with a large transfer team involved.

We understand what is a long travel, Welcome to Paradise.

Is there Wifi and electricity all day ?

Yes all the resort and Villa are equipped with fiberoptic Wifi with a 100mps speed and we have electricity all day despite rare power cuts of two hours once or twice a year maximum.

Is it easy to get out of the resort, what is on the island ?

We are hidden but not remote. It is extremely easy to get out of the resort by boat or by foot to the main road in only 5 minutes.

We will arrange any kind of transport or rental which is included in your stay.

Our guest all have in hand our cellphone.

There is nearly everything on the island and we do not miss much all located usually only 10 minutes away from the resort.

Do you have mosquitoes or dangerous animals ?

This Villa is open to the nature with its inhabitants. The house off the ground is designed in a way that they will have a hard time to enter the house but you might encounter a friendly gecko in the open areas and we will remove it as soon as possible. The bedroom is perfectly sealed so it is practically impossible to have any visit of unwanted visitor.

How many people can you host ?

We can host 4 people, two people per house maximum and soon 6 people with three villas. Each villa is designed for two only and they cater a double bed only. We can provisions to accommodate up to 2 members of your security or staff.

I am vegan and my partner is allergic to nuts would it be fine with us ? Do you cater people eating kosher only ?

Of course any kind of diet we are used to that and you can relax we are good at it.

Are the parties loud at night ?

Koh Phangan is very special place between amazing nature and 24hours parties for all ages until your 90’s. This villa is located 300 meters from a weekly or bi-weekly party on the beach. You might hear it during your stay at night or during the day, it is a good reason to join it, it is set in a great location. However your bedroom is highly soundproofed and the nuisance are reduced to the minimum.