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John & Pablo

John & Pablo - For us

Age: 35 and 36
Length of stay: 15 days
Visit: 1st visit – new members

“We are a couple and we have been married for 15 years now. We are both young entrepreneurs but rarely have time to spend time together. Always shared between meetings with friends or family. We love our friends but we never have time for us and only us. It’s not that we do like them but we really want time for us now.”





What we learned

From the best friend:
They love to dance but do not go out anymore in clubs since their wedding 13 years ago as it is not for their age anymore. They never stay at home and always go out for dinner; they never cook.

From the mum:
They want a private place, they want to enjoy time together, they need it. They are foreigners to each other.

From another best friend:
They did not really enjoy their wedding as it was too fast and in the middle of the start of their careers.

Our Strategy

We will create a moment where they will be a Thai person on the island for a day. They will learn the culture, the language, go to the market and order in Thai language vegetables, visit a local farmer, spend time with her and finally learn how to cook together with music and a nice bottle of wine.

We will create a surprise and amazing private dinner on the whole beach and they will be surprised by one of the most beautiful fireshows they have ever seen. Lots of tears there.

They will spend a day together and make one silver ring for each other. From the design to the finish, they will spend time with a jeweler who has the most amazing stories and now lives in the jungle in a beautiful house.

We took them to a shop, they found garments used to go out to our beautiful parties on the beach, they met people there who invited them, they said yes. The idea was to go until midnight around a lake to have a drink, enjoying wearing unusual clothes such as a big feather Indian hat. In the end, they were caught by the level of deepness of the conversations around the fire, they did not dance and finally followed their new friends at night on a boat to an amazing mind blowing small place on a bay. They danced, laughed, spoke and, to their surprise, watched the sunrise crying of joy in each other’s arms looking at what this planet can offer in terms of beauty surrounded by amazing, fascinating people. For people who do not go out at all anymore … They were surprised by the respect, politeness, safety and trust of the people them some of whom had the same age as their parents. .

With the proposal of Guillaume Brachet, the host, and a long discussion the husband came to the conclusion that the stay should end by a vow’s renewal ceremony using the rings they made.  This couple sadly had an overly organized wedding which took out the beauty of it. They imagined a moment alone for their wedding but never did.

They left in tears and prepared a small ceremony to thank the staff during which the whole staff cried as well. They wanted to thank them for life for what they did, saying they just found each other for the first time and finally met each other. They booked the next summer with two of their best friends.