I want to retreat from it all!

Maya Silva


Age: 33
Length of stay: 7 days
Visit: 2nd stay

“You know that I have travelled a lot the last years, I’m not looking for a hectic program: Things to see after things to see, this time, is not for me … I recently went to retreats but the gurus and the crowd there made me more anxious and stressed than it really calmed me down.  It’s also very much money orientated and very little orientated to me. I practice daily yoga and I am good at it. Surprise me. You know that I am vegan.”





What we learned

From her husband:
“She really needs time off, she would love to be alone but not completely in a nutshell. Be
among good people. She hates money orientated service and she’s looking for something true and human, real.”

From her best friend:
“She is at a point in her life where she needs new perspective, something fresh, new ideas. Perhaps a new business to add?”

Our Strategy

Calm her down on her arrival, remove any stress or noise, use Theta Healing as it is life
enhancing. We will prepare a personalized detox re-energizing menu and treatments. Sometime during her stay guide her to a nice party with few people and amazing music, make her meet people who will really open her mind and re-energize her.

Example of Day one:
Arrival by natural bamboo raft to the resort:
At her arrival we will not use the usual boat to connect the last meters but instead stop the
engines and take her on a bamboo barge silently arriving to our paradise.
At her villa the first afternoon:
Silence is observed all in the resort. While she is relaxing at her villa with tea (we made her favorite blend ordered months in advance) someone will knock at her door and just say that she will do a Theta Healing, she does not know yet what it is. She will meet a very nice lady known for her politeness but especially for her world renown knowledge of this area. Theta Healing repairs in one session any negative returning pattern we have in our lives (100% result in 70
sessions). You become a new you in two months and it immediately gives you a feeling of
well-being that will last.

Example of Day Four:
Just after lunch, we will come to her and say “someone is waiting for you, would you like to
meet her or meet her another time?” We will take her on our jeep to a secret old thai house
nested in the coconut forest. There we will stop, leave her. And ask her to go by herself and
enter the house.
A thai lady with thai jewelry and costumes will welcome her. It is one of the most famous
traditional thai dancer of Thailand. She will learn Thai dance, the significations of this dance,
wear the golden costume. Drink tea.
The lady in the afternoon will stop and say : “so, what do you dance at home ?” She will
reply “I do not dance it is not my age anymore but I like deephouse with nice voices”. The
dancer : “OK then let me show you how to introduce some crazy dance moves, thai into a
deep house atmosphere you will be the queen of any night”. She will dance, like she never
dance before, laugh, learn more about this lady who is more close to a nun in her life due to
her level in Thai society.
She will say: “OK tonight you follow me, I am dancing in one of the most amazing party, 60
people only, it is safe, in the nature, amazing deep house with amazing voices. It will be the
most beautiful night of your life and we will perform you and I”. She: “no way but thank
you”. What happened: They went, she performed, cried of joy for an hour non stop and
dance and watched the sunrise with the dancer on rocks facing the sea crying again.
She said she had the most amazing night in her entire life.

Example of Day six:
She is leaving tomorrow. She does not know yet what is planned that evening. She is coming
back from a tour alone around the island. Guillaume the owner is waiting by the side of the
road somewhere on the island. “What are you doing here ?” Guillaume : “Well I am waiting
for you, if you want I have a surprise for you for the last evening.”
We are taking her on a wooden boat sailing in front of the sunset and organized a private
yoga platform with a teacher in front of the boat.

Once it is finished we organized a nice dinner on the boat at the back with the same thai
dancer who wanted to make a surprise for her and make a show …