Reboot me… I am tired

Andre Berger

Andre - Reboot me

Age: 67
Length of stay: 12 days
Visit: 3rd stay

“I am used to luxury hotels around the world, I visited over 60 countries, I am a big entrepreneur and fly a lot, I am a real workaholic, sadly I spend little time with family and friends which is a shame. I feel exhausted, I need a break, I need a “real” vacation this time and time to reconnect with my love and myself. I am tired you see? ”





What we learned

From his best friend:
“”He always wanted to learn guitar but never had the time. Loves rock when he was young but
does not have the time to go to concerts. Loves nice vintage bikes and leather shoes.”

From his secretary:
“”Always wanted to be able to sail around the world alone one day .”

From his business partner:
“Would love fishing like a real man.”

Our Strategy

A program has been done for his wife but here we will focus to give an example on the

The idea is to welcome him and his wife, go for relaxation, efficient techniques to
reconnect with yourself, detox and calm down.
Followed by awakening moments at their rhythm. Touching moments.

With the secret help of his wife, his 4 best friends changed their summer’s plan, SOWK
Private Club coordinated their whole trip, two nights before the departure we will surprise
him on a table on the beach for a dinner he will never forget. He will leave in the
island with 4 days delay calling sick at work. A stay with a lot of cries … of joy.

These are examples, samples, we will of course not reveal all our secrets here. You can
only know that we have choices and alternatives and Plan A to F sometimes for each time of
the day or night.

Day 1 to 5:

SOWK Private Club prepared a highly personalized program of highly efficient organic plant
drinks high in antioxidants and for their revitalizing properties using among other things
Jiatugolan an immortal tea, Turmeric, Holy Basil.
It is done in association with a first high-efficient Theta Healing session and daily Ayurveda
targeted massages. A special music menu plays for them only every day. The whole resort
has been closed for them (at no extra cost) during their stay to guarantee total calm.

Day 4:
Guillaume Brachet, the host, asks the husband if he would have time to meet someone at
sunset to do a quiet activity. He agrees.
At 5h30pm he is asked to go on the right side of the resort on a beautiful deserted beach
and wait there. After 12 minutes of what seemed like a long wait a local fisherman passes by
stops, presents himself and asks if he would be up to learn how to through a fishing net from
the beach like locals at sunset.
He enjoys it, learning the technique, throwing this net with the sunset on the sea behind. A
few fishes are caught.
He then asks if the fisherman could teach him how to fish in the water with a fishing pole.
The fisherman answers “ I was hoping you would ask”  They fish under the moon, the
fisherman is not an usual person but a ex-slave who used to be on a fishing boat and who
swam at night on a beach nearby and since then stayed here. The moment is exceptional.
The fisherman loves his new life, simple, full of joy. A friendship is really created there.
They come back to the beach, a dinner is set, his wife awaits him already, the whole beach
has been decorated and a bbq is there.
He thanks the fisherman who starts to go and ask his wife if the guy could stay, she said of
course I hope you would ask him, they made and remade the world all together the whole
night with their fishes and a rare awarded Rhum SOWK Private Club buys from Thailand.
Two days after they visited his family and are still in contact months after.

Day 5:
The husband is open for a new challenge after 5 days of relaxation. So a man comes at 3pm and greets :
“I am a famous guitarist in Thailand and I wanted to know if you would have time for an hour
to play guitar with me over there under the coconut tree on the beach?” He accepts and
starts to enjoy. His wife leaves him for a massage. He feels good, alone, happy, starts to
make friends with this guy who is actually really famous. They play one song, drink a few
beers, laugh a lot.
The couple planned to go out that night, we planned for them an amazing dinner at a
restaurant with live Jazz on the beach.

The couple feels the need not to go to sleep too early, on the road, the car stops on the side
of the road in front of a small stage under the coconut trees with just some mats on the
grass around a fire.
They accept to go. They are greeted by the guitarist met in the afternoon. They play together
and end up playing on stage together in front of 60 people, some dancing and the face of his
wife in admiration by the fire taking a video. They left at 2AM