We like to move: Meditation is a torture for us

Mike & Sara

Mike & Sara - Move

Age: 32 and 28
Length of stay: 10 days
Visit: 4th visit, known since three years

“Sleeping in the sun and the whole day on the beach is not our thing, we have one life. We like to move, to be good with our body, eat healthy, we are vegetarians, we like to discover new dimensions, new feelings, new people. We want to feel good at work and vacations is a time to discover and experience new things. ”





What we learned

From the best friend:
“She always wanted to be in a circus when she was small.”

From the mum:
“After his accident, he wants to feel better, enjoy life at the fullest, feel good and alive. He loves to meet role models who open a new world to him. Take good care of him as he likes doing extreme things and bring him back in one piece otherwise I will find you.”

From another best friend:
“They always teach us this or that, make them understand so they feel more happy, each one of us has its own path so they enjoy theirs.”

Our Strategy

A bit part of this programme has been done with the help and input and choices of the guests working back on our suggestions and proposals.

We will not greet them at the airport as usual, at the arrival hall we will hand them the keys of two jet skis, they will get changed at the airport and we will follow them from the door of the plane to the doors of the resort.

Example of Day two: 

They will meet a person who has developed the most amazing technique of free movements.

A fitness hermit let’s say who created a huge and fascinating place (partly designed by the owner and designer of SOWK) in an old hotel’s ruin.

This unusual place between urban and lush jungle is dedicated to unusual and ground breaking free movements techniques aimed at having a better feel of your body, move faster and create a new well-being with a clearer mind: a new YOU inside out and from head to toe.

They will meet him at his place and two more times during their entire stay on different days by “surprise” on a beach and on a jungle “hike” escaping the previous announced plan with big smiles laughing on their way out like kids.

Example of Day Three: 

The husband wanted sometime off just for himself and to go diving which her wife does not like. We will take him on a day dive and night dive with a passionate professional diving instructor working hand in hand for a charity replanting corals.

During the dive, the instructor will hand him a plate already engraved with his name and he will plant his very own coral always thinking back to it on his everyday tasks back home.

While at breakfast, a “burning man” styled woman will guide his wife to a very closed community which she will have to enter blindfolded to protect its location. This community of artists made of people with ultra-serious and prestigious backgrounds who are now dedicated to moving arts and organic permaculture farming.

There she will learn how to do aerial tricks, suspended by silk bands where she let her mind be free and let body go, suspended only 2 meters in the air in a safe and organised hall.

She will enjoy the fire-spinning show under the stars in front of their community’s house. And later during the night learn that she is a member for life of this community and can ask their help and support anytime.

At the end of this day, the wife will be met by her husband and will follow them on their everyday work to entertain one of the most romantic and cosy bar and restaurant on the beach they have seen looking at the show on the beach from a floating barge. Before following this group on the platform of a very secret and beautiful small party under the stars.

Example of Day 9:

They hate anything that is still so the day before they leave to relax them completely we will take them to a public ecstatic dance session with few people only.

No alcohol, no drugs involved only water and tea with a DJ.

Supported by a special flow of music you learn to stop to tell your brain to go faster, slower to be on time or to do this or that.

You will simply close your eyes, let go and if you open your eyes – you may realise that you move thinking that you were, your brain was simply taking over your body listening to the sound of music:

A very deep relaxation moment during which you learn to finally listen to your body and realise each people as a different reaction, some do not move, some dance, some slow, some fast.

It makes you realize that we are all different and have our own beautiful path that is ours and no one else’s – making us beautiful unique gems.

They cried a lot of joy on this one.

The last evening: 

On the way back, the driver of the jeep takes a different turn they feel SOWK Private Club is not letting them go away without a last twist.

At the bottom of a small cliff an instructor is there with harnesses in hand and will escort them safely with his team until the top where they will enjoy a view of their entire island at 210°. An infinite carpet of coconut trees, the sea and small islands on the horizon’s line.

They will be handed champagne glasses while watching the sunset with their favorite music. We will next to them a mobile phone to call if they need anything.

Few minutes following sunset, the phone ring asking for a permission to come and lead them to a surprise. Guillaume Brachet the owner will bring them along the hedge on the cliff onto a location where a private dinner has been set served with white gloves and with candle’s chandeliers on the table.

A comfortable large tent has been set and they will have a choice to sleep there tonight with a private Buttler and breakfast taken on their table on the cliff.

To reach the pier of the island they are each handed the key of a vintage motorbike, their luggage and private boat is waiting for them and take them to the airport.

Will they extend their stay ?